Restaurant Review App

Release: Apr 30, 2018
Restaurant Review App

This app is created as part of the Udacity Nanodegree “Mobile Web Specialist”. In 2017 I applied for the Google Web Scholarship. In the first round I was selected for the Intermediate Track. This was called “The Challenge” because out of 10,000 stduents in the intermediate track, there would be only 1,000 students awarded scholarships to the Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree Program. And I was one of them!

The capstone project was based on a code base with not much more than the user interface. Students were asked to implement new features, add offline functionality as well as accessibility for people who use screen readers or keyboard-only. Another topic was performance. Here we used a Chrome extension called Lighthouse to measure the performance. The goal was to exceed 90+/100.

The entire program took about six months and I learnt a lot about offline applications, accessibility, performance and modern app development. Finally I got my Nanodegree Certificate!

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